The Tarbox Philosophy

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It should come as no surprise that the financial services industry does not generally have your best interests in mind! The Wall Street scandals of recent years are a direct result of a system that rewards the wrong behavior. Conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, and unreasonable compensation continue to fuel this system.

We are an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor. We are not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm, insurance or trust company and are not accountable to anyone except our clients – and the regulators who audit us. We are privately owned and expect to stay that way.

The Tarbox Group does not sell any products, or take any commissions, trails, referral fees, or “kickbacks” from any sources. We work for, and are paid by, only you. We always work in your best interests, because the more successful you are, the more successful we are.

We will actively advocate for your best interests in all matters, and you can expect that we will develop a deep understanding of what is important to you and your family. As your “chief financial officer”, our goal is to enhance the quality of your life by coordinating, simplifying, and optimizing your investments and financial affairs.


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