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We serve a select group of families with substantial wealth. Our clients lead full, active lives and appreciate the ability to outsource their financial affairs to an experienced, knowledgeable and caring team.

Clients often engage us when facing a transition or crossroads in their lives. This may be the sale of a business, a death, the dissolution of a marriage, or receipt of a substantial legal settlement or inheritance. Many approach The Tarbox Group simply for a fresh perspective on building and sustaining their wealth.

Our clients include CEOs and business owners, corporate executives, successful professionals, and individuals and families with substantial wealth and complex assets. While many of our clients are sophisticated and experienced investors, others may be managing their wealth for the first time.

In all cases, our clients appreciate the focus and attention we give to their unique situation. They value our educational approach and guidance and the importance we place on providing them with comprehensive wealth planning services and individually tailored investment solutions.

Firm founder has 30 years of professional experience in financial markets

A nationally recognized financial advisor, Laura Tarbox started in the investment business in 1980 and founded The Tarbox Group, Inc. (formerly Tarbox Equity, Inc.) in 1985.

Laura is frequently quoted in the press and has served as an expert witness in consumer advocate cases. For over 20 years, she has lectured and taught classes in investments and financial planning for CPAs, CFP® professionals, and the general public.

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